Thursday 11:30 Studio & Zoom: hatha flow
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Tash Sekar

Tash offers gentle, mindful and strengthening classes with a guided awareness of the breath and an intuitive exploration of the body. She has a light-hearted approach to her classes and encourages everybody to work with their own bodies and to connect with their own inner teacher.

For Tash, Yoga is much more than just a physical practice. Based on her own experience she believes yoga is one of the best ways to breathe, stretch and rebalance, and hopes that through her teaching this balance can be carried off the mat and into the daily lives of her students.

Tash worked for a number of years as a school teacher in London, during this time she developed a keen interest in the holistic wellbeing of her students. She began teaching them meditation a a way of finding calm in the mids of their busy and stressful lives. Witnessing the profound effects a few mindful breaths can have on the body and mind, Tash was inspired to take up a daily yoga practice before going on to undertake her 200-hour yoga teacher training a few years later. Tash is particularly interested in how stress affects our bodies both on a physiological and emotional level and is specialist trained in teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout.