Livestream Meditation 06:30 Monday-Friday

Vaccasin leads this early morning meditation. This will be for anyone who would like to come together to meditate as a community during this time. There will be no charge but you will need to book.

Some people have asked whether they can make a donation so we have set up a justgiving page to raise money for local charities. There is absolutely no expectation or pressure to donate. The Bay Tree Centre, Brixton, is the local charity we are currently supporting.

How to book
First sign up to our booking system, TeamUp. Once you are signed up you can choose to buy the early morning meditation pack for £0. It includes 20 classes, you need to use one to register for the meditation each time you attend. You will then receive a link to the meditation 4 hours before.

Friday evening livestream Meditation 18:30-20:00

This class is an opportunity to participate in longer meditations. Vaccasin explores various aspects of meditation and teachings from the Buddhist tradition.