Lunchtime yoga classes  (Monday-Friday)

11:30 classes

Harry teaches gentle yoga on Tuesdays

This is a gentle yoga class suitable for older bodies as well as younger bodies.

Paula teaches yinyasa on Wednesdays

This yinyasa class is a meditative combination of flowing yang (active) postures and yin (floor-based passive) postures accessing the body’s deep connective tissues and connecting the breath with mindful movement. The intention of this yin and yang flow is to create more space and integrity in the body, finding ease and release while cultivating more mind/body awareness.

1:00 classes

Maurizio teaches vinyasa on Mondays.

Maurizio draws on Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga practices, his classes bring together a balance between ying and yang energies. A harmonious blend of intense, dynamic, vigorous elements counterposed by a more gentle, introspective style. This leads to a development of strength and flexibility whilst finding and maintaining an inner sense of union.

Lara teaches Iyengar on Tuesdays.

After years of weight lifting and kick boxing, an injury led Harry to practice Yoga. He practiced Astanga yoga intensively for a year and witnessed the effect of Yoga and how it began to heal his injuries and get his body back into alignment. He then investigated different styles of Yoga, moving to Vinyasa and Yin before finally developing his own practice to suit the needs of his own body and mind. His own sequences and style, have an emphasis on being soft but strong, to look for the joy that exists in movement and to practice with a sense of ease and effortlessness whilst also pushing the boundaries of movement and abilities.

Paula teaches hatha flow on Wednesdays .

In this hatha flow class Paula gracefully weaves the asanas (postures) together, orchestrated by the breath to build stamina and flexibility. This class will release tension from the body, improve your posture and leave you feeling stronger and more energise.

Rhona teaches vinyasa flow on Thursdays.

Rhona teaches Vinyasa Flow and her aim as a yoga teacher is to create a space for people to take time to tune in with their body and encourage them to find their potential for movement, strength and flexibility in a relaxed and friendly environment.  She teaches a dynamic practice with creative sequences offering options to cater for different levels.

 Emma teaches slow flow on Fridays.

Emma’s background in dance and Capoeira, she taught both during her twenties, has infused her yoga with the joy of physical movement. She uses this passion to create dynamic, flowing, sequences which are gracefully linked by the breath and designed to create a feeling of lightness, ease and deep relaxation. Her classes encourage awareness both mentally and physically in a nurturing environment to allow students to learn, experiment and transform through their yoga practice.