Free classes with Vaccasin for frontline workers



If you are working in the frontline during this time in the NHS, Supermarkets, Refuse collection, Transport you can attend free yoga classes:

Meditation Monday-Friday 6:30am-7:10am with Vaccasin

Vaccasin leads a meditation practice. There is no charge for this class for anybody but you need to register for the class.

all welcome vinyasa 18:00 with Nina

all welcome 07:00 with David

Yoga Level 1 – 18:30 with Vaccasin

For people new to yoga and those who have limited experience.

all welcome vinyasa 08:15 with Misha

Yoga Level 2 – 18:30

For people who have 1 year – 18 months experience of yoga. This class may require that you use some props. If you don’t have yoga props, you can use blankets, towels, books. Vaccasin will guide you.

all welcome power flow with Nina – 12:30

Fridays: Restorative yoga 16:45-17:00

Restorative yoga consists of postures which are held for longer in a supported way. This class is for those new to yoga or with experience.