Early Morning Yoga Classes  

7:00-8:00 classes (Tuesday-Friday)

Lucia teaches 7:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lucia’s Yoga teaching is influenced and inspired by her ballet and Pilates training: attention to detail, focus on healthy body alignment and breath and core connection are the pillars of her practice. Lucia believes it is paramount to ensure that the Yoga postures she guides her students through will serve them on their journey. How is this practice going to benefit her students in becoming the best they can be on and off the mat? How functional will it be for their body and mind? How will it leave them as they step off the mat and take their experience into the rest of their day?
Because of that, her classes will take her students through a functional balance of strength and flexibility building postures whilst she encourages them to use their breath as an anchor to the present moment: body and mind working together with the invaluable support of the breath.

David teaches 7:00 on Wednesdays

David’s challenging and dynamic classes are based on his belief that yoga is beneficial for all, no matter how old you are and that the only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves.

Claudia teaches 7:00 on Fridays.

Claudia’s love and passion for teaching comes from a desire to learn from everyone and to share all the aspects of her practice that have helped her. In flowing the breath and the body together, she hopes to encourage her students to a mindfull practice, cultivating inner peace and self-love.

8:15-9:15 classes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Rhona teaches 8:15 on Mondays and Fridays

Rhona teaches Vinyasa Flow and her aim as a yoga teacher is to create a space for people to take time to tune in with their body and encourage them to find their potential for movement, strength and flexibility in a relaxed and friendly environment.  She teaches a dynamic practice with creative sequences offering options to cater for different levels.