Yoga for Beginners

Yoga means 'union' and leads to an integration of mind and body. It is more than a physical exercise, yoga is a mind-body practice


Tuesday 19.30 via Zoom: Vaccasin

Thursday 17:00: Nina restart date TBC

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All our classes that are labelled “all welcome” or “level 1” are suitable for complete beginners to yoga. Please let the teacher know that you are a beginner to yoga and they will look after you. However for people who would prefer a class dedicated to beginners we have beginners yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Yoga is practised in bare feet. A yoga mat is used to provide a space to practice which is not slippery. In some styles of yoga props are used eg wooden bricks, foam blocks, bolsters etc. In other styles just a mat is needed. The practice involves making a series of postures with your body that over time lead to flexibility and strength. In some forms the class is slow and time is spent exploring the posture. In other forms you move from posture to posture with the breath, sometimes more slowly sometimes faster. If you are not sure which class to try please write in to and we will be happy to advise.

Yoga Styles