Anti-Racism Project

One of our friends and local yoga practitioner, Josephine Namusisi-Riley, has set up an anti-racist project. Josephine set up the project following the events of Summer 2020. Initially, heart-warmed by the Black Lives Matter protests she then began to experience a familiar feeling of disappointment. After much thought she concluded we must come together to fight systemic racism.

Josephine outlined her thoughts and reasons for setting up this project in a blog which you can read here.

You can also listen to a podcast where Josephine discusses this project with Kanar and Sandra from Necessary Rebels here.

Josephine’s invitation is for you to really connect with and acknowledge the unfairness of racism and the advantages of inherent privilege.

Josephine believes that without individual white people making this connection, efforts to tackle racism can be woolly, automated and meaningless.

 She suggests a few steps to help with this:

  1. Examine your consciousness and how you really feel about racism (are you angry, ashamed, embarrassed, confused, tired, etc?) Can you understand why you feel like this?
  2. Reflect on situations where you have witnessed racism against black/brown people and/or benefitted from your privilege.
  3. Can you imagine how it might feel to be the victim of racism?

After this exercise, consider whether you might want to help others understand by sharing some of those experiences on Stories from White Allies. Simply click on the button and choose an area most closely associated with your experience.

Share your reflections with your children, family, colleagues and friends. Start those conversations, encourage them to make their own reflections as above and you will be making a difference!