Susan Tomlinson

We all have ways of looking after ourselves when we’ve got the flu, a headache, or a sore back, but what do we do when we feel stuck, down in the doldrums, or find ourselves running into the same problems again and again? Where do we go when we feel overwhelmed, anxious, or angry? Or when life has just lost all meaning?

Opening up to someone who isn’t involved with our everyday life provides an opportunity to reflect upon our lives in a way that is difficult to do with friends and family. Therapy can help with all kinds of emotional difficulties and provide support during times of grief, or trauma, when our lives feel out of control, or when we simply don’t know what is wrong – we just sense that something has to change.

Susan’s approach to therapy is practical and down to earth. She believes it is essentially about getting to know, like and trust ourselves so we can weather life’s inevitable ups and downs. It is about support to make changes and engage in life more fully.

In her therapy practice, Susan provides a kind and open-hearted space to work holistically, believing that therapy works best when we consider not just the wisdom of the mind but the body and the soul too.

She aims to be flexible and is open to working short term, providing coaching, and useful, practical tools for dealing with specific situations, or working more intensely over a longer period of time to explore and develop bigger life changes.

Before training as a psychotherapist, at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London, (where she is presently completing her training and working towards UKCP registration), Susan worked as a journalist, writing features, books and producing films for a wide variety of media organisations, including both the BBC and Channel 4.

If you would like to speak to her or book an introductory session, please drop Susan a line at: or give her a call on 07986 647 317

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