Meditation classes

For further information about these classes please contact Brixton Triratna Buddhist Centre or email

The evening meditation classes at Yoga Point happen every week, except on bank holidays. They are run by Brixton Triratna Buddhist Order (formerly Friends of the Western Buddhist Order). The teachers all have many years experience of committed personal practice of meditation and Buddhism. The aim is to provide a local situation in which people can meditate together and be supported in a lively exploration of Buddhism, with the possibility of enjoying a sense of continuity and community together.

You don’t have to be a ‘Buddhist’ to come to these classes and learn to meditate, or even to explore Buddhism – anyone who wants to come along and participate is welcome.

Monday nights: courses on meditation / Buddhism

A mixture of 6 and 8-week courses run by Brixton Triratna Buddhist Community on themes of Meditation, Mindfulness and Buddhism. Booking essential. Please see website for upcoming courses

Wednesday nights: Buddhism and meditation 7:30–9:30pm

This class is for those who have already learnt the two meditation practices: Metta Bhavana and Mindfulness of Breathing. We introduce Buddhist teachings, traditionally known as the Dharma, and explore how practising Buddhism can bring a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to our everyday lives. Each class starts with a period of meditation, which is led with less instruction than on the Monday evenings. The meditation is followed by exploring a Buddhist theme.

No booking is required. Cost per class: £6 Waged, £4 Concession (Students or Unemployed), or on a Dana (donation) basis for those on a very low income.