Eoin O’Connell

Eoin is an Advanced Clinical/Myofasical Release and Sports Injury Massage Therapist and a registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). His sports massage practice is based in Brixton / Herne Hill.

Eoin’s journey began when he spent a lot of time on a Physio table with various injuries while playing a wide variety of sports. He started training with Morley College where he qualified in Swedish and Sports Injury Massage Therapy and seeking to develop a range of skills he has completed qualifications in Advanced Clinical Massage and Advanced Myofasical Release Therapy with the JING Institute of Massage in Brighton as well as qualifying in Diet & Nutrition at I.T.E.C. Level III and with a Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology.

His approach to healing incorporates an overall look at a person’s wellbeing, from the musculoskeletal aspects to the nutrition and the spiritual and emotional aspects. Eoin believes all these combined and in balance will give people a better chance of being able to reach their own personal goals in life.

His clients include yoga enthusiasts wanting to increase their flexibility/range of motion, Iron Man competitors wanting to maintain their muscles while training hard, nurses who have chronic pain from working long hours on their feet to people with Parkinsons disease.

To book an appointment either phone: 07944 493172 or email: harmonisedmuscles@gmail.com

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