Sun 2 December – Mindful fitness (Alexander Technique) with Kathy Hulme & Roxani Garefelaki

Alexander Technique for Yoga, Pilates and Workouts led by Kathy Hulme and Roxani Garefalaki.  

A workshop that will teach principles of movement that can be applied in all fitness activities to help you enjoy your yoga, workout etc. and help you to avoid and heal injury.
Gain without pain: embedded meditation for fitness activities.

Do it better.
Stay present in body and mind.
Exercise correctly for your body type: from hypo to hyper mobile.
Avoid injuries.
Enjoy exercising more.
Reduce stress.
Make your fitness activity benefit your day-to-day functioning.

Roxani Garefelaki is an Alexander Technique teacher, acrobat, T’ai Chi teacher, Butoh dancer and singer. She understands the challenges of hypermobility and exercise.

Kathy Hulme is an Alexander Technique teacher with an interest in music, singing, swimming and natural movement

Alexander Technique is a mindful approach to healthy movement. By learning to identify unhelpful patterns of movement and concepts about the body, the student can learn how to move with poise and ease.  This will be a 3 hr group session introducing the Alexander Technique. Suitable for people with no experience of Alexander Technique but also for people who have prior experience and would like to explore ways of working with the Alexander principles in a group setting.

Working individually, in pairs and in small groups participants will learn about and apply the basic principles of Alexander Technique.

Fun, experiential, exploratory. Come ready to experiment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Dates: Sunday 2 December
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Yogapoint
Cost: £30, concession: £25
To enquire or book a place, contact Kathy: / 07939 340 672 or book online: