Sat 17 November – Sleep workshop with Risa Gabrielle

When we don’t sleep well, everything in our life suffers.

The good news is there are tools you can learn to improve your sleep. This 2.5 hour workshop will empower you with tips and techniques for getting a more restful night’s sleep – and teach you ways to feel better when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, too. In this intro to Super Sleep Yoga you will learn:

  • what drives sleep and how your personal daily habits can help the process 
  • about the sleep cycles and your best time to go to bed and wake up
  • how to get less sleep but make the sleep you are getting more productive
  • what’s stopping you from sleeping – and how to fix it
  • how to manage the effects of insomnia and other sleep problems 
  • easy, quick ways to layer in rest and relaxation in the day so you sleep better at night
  • tools for healing, such as marma points and pranyama (breathing) techniques
  • the basics of the parasympathetic system and its importance in sleep
  • the pre-bedtime Super Sleep Yoga sequence designed to stretch the tension out of your body, help you fall asleep and sleep better!

Dates: Saturday 17 November
Time: 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Venue: Yogapoint
Cost: £30 Concession £25

To enquire:

Advance booking – Pay online here with PayPal