Sun 24 March – Satisfy the Hunger – with Colette Bardell

Satisfy the Hunger – Managing Change with Self Care – Get Re-energised for Spring

Restorative Yoga Mini Retreat with Colette
Introducing Practices from Ayurveda

Yoga asana helps get to know our selves better. We
understand the limitations and the potential of our minds and
bodies. Yoga helps us heal and grow. The 5000, year old
sister science to yoga, Ayurveda, has traditionally been
practised together with yoga asana. The Sanskrit name is
translated as ‘Ayu’, life and ‘Veda’, knowledge – and is so
called the ‘science of life’.

The ancient, traditional, medicine of India is a personalised
approach to wellness. The individual is honoured, and the aim
is to bring us into balance, living in harmony with the laws of
both nature and those that characterise our unique
constitutions. This two-hour mini retreat will allow you to
withdraw from the world, recharge and reset yourselves ready
for the seasonal transition to Spring. We will use practices from

Ayurveda – slow and nourishing Restorative Yoga – and Yoga
Nidra, known as ‘yogic sleep’ a conscious meditative relaxation
practice, that induces total physical, mental and emotional
Give yourself the gift of self-care – shake off Winter, welcome
the vitality of Spring for your mind, your body, your soul and
your spirit.

Places are limited to ensure personal attention.

Colette Bardell has been practising yoga for over 15 years and teaching for over five
and held a regular Restorative Yoga class at Yoga Point. Her approach to yoga is
to use the practice as an anchor of awareness in an ever more fragmented world, to
help us stay connected to our true selves, through our bodies, minds and spirits.


Cost earlybird:£20 (before 10 March) £24 thereafter

Location – Yoga Point – 122 Dalberg Rd London SW2 1AP nearest tube Brixton