starting 17 November – Teen yoga course with Tamsin Lemkow

The next teen yoga course will start on Saturday 17 November 12:30pm-1:30pm and is open to all children already attending secondary school. There will be 5 classes and then a break for Christmas. If you would like to try out the class you can turn up and just pay for one class. For the course you can pay online or turn up and pay at the class. You can join the class at any point (but need to pay for however many classes remain in the course).

Yoga has many benefits that can help teens to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga enables people to connect to their bodies and minds through yoga stretches, breathing and mindfulness techniques. It is particularly beneficial for girls and boys who have a lack of confidence, poor body image or who are suffering from anxiety or depression. Although you do not have to be experiencing those things to gain the benefits. Over time they will learn how to recognise negative thought patterns and how they relate to tension in the body. Mindfulness will enable them to calm down and re-connect with their bodies when under stress in everyday situations. It is a valuable tool they can take away and will guide them throughout their journey in life. 

Tamsin had a career as a dancer following which she became a dance teacher to both children and adults. In 1999, she was introduced to and inspired to study Pilates and Yoga. She studied both and focussed on teaching yoga to children, after which she began teaching in schools for ‘Yogabugs’ and later set up her own classes. Following a few years in Brazil, also teaching yoga, Tamsin trained in Child Counselling and began working as a child counsellor in 2015. She has worked in several schools across London and is currently working at a secondary school in West London. The skills and knowledge she has gained through studying mental health in young people has enabled her to take her teen yoga practise to a deeper level. She not only works on the physicality of yoga but the deepening practise of mind/body awareness and self compassion, all of which are essential tools to help adolescents during these challenging years.

Dates: Saturday 17 November-Saturday 15 December
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: Yogapoint
Cost: £ 10

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To enquire/further info: contact Tamsin