Claudia Rose Taylor

Claudia’s first trip to Asia in 2006 sparked her interest in eastern philosophies and to starting a more regular yoga practice.  Finding Vajrasati yoga in 2013 yoga was life changing for her and since then yoga has been a part of her every day life. Claudia is a 500 hour accredited Vajrasati yoga teacher, learning from the school’s founder Jim Tarran and senior yoga teacher Khadine Morcom in Brighton and continues her studies of yoga philosophy, anatomy and how the body moves.

For Claudia, teaching yoga means pointing students to a spacious, absorbing practice that encourages a complete letting go and dropping in. With a meditative teaching style, Claudia teaches straight from the heart, inviting students to unravel and breathe freely, paying attention to the here and now.  With strong alignment cues and the use of props and variations to suit different needs, her classes give students time to move safely into postures, by listening and responding, using the breath as a guide.   For Claudia it’s the pointer to being more present and to our underlying essence nature that’s the real benefit of yoga on and off the mat.