Risa Gabrielle

Yoga came into Risa’s life serendipitously while on a newspaper assignment in 2004. She was drawn to the asana but stayed for the major personal life transformations it began to unlock in anxiety, migraines and sleep disorders. She teaches vinyasa flow classes and specialises in yoga for sleep and insomnia, teaching Super Sleep Yoga workshops, multi-week sleep courses and corporate sleep classes.

Risa loves nothing more than helping people learn how to heal themselves, discover the magic of yoga beyond the mat and, specifically, empower them to improve their sleep. Her teaching style is intuitive, accessible and practical. Risa’s manner is warm, friendly and casual, and her classes are imbued with vibrant imagery and thoughtful themes. She also is a transformational coach on the Creative Insight Journey, a powerful process that provides practical tools for helping you to make changes big and small and create a life you love.