Donna Jackson

Donna has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and first started when she lived in Singapore. Her first Iyengar yoga class was at Yoga Point in 2009. She trained as a Hatha yoga teacher with the British Wheel, graduating in 2015. Donna now lives Holland and continues her yoga studies at the Iyengar Institute of Amsterdam. She teaches classes and workshops in a local studio in de Pijp. Donna often returns to London and being part of the Yoga Point community is an important aspect of her London life.

Donna is dedicated to her own learning and discovery of yoga and feels blessed with valuable learning experiences from inspiring teachers such as Mira Mehta, Sophie Carrington, Delilah King and of course Vaccasin. With 15 years teaching experience in schools she likes to encourage people to investigate and integrate their own enquiry into their practice by mainly using Iyengar techniques. She still enjoys and has great respect for Hatha yoga practices too.

Donna brings a warm and sincere energy to classes. She likes to engage, motivate and empower people in their own learning and journey with yoga. With friendliness, clarity and focus, the learner can explore and discover for themselves their own potential and feel secure and well prepared for the next stage of their yoga practice.